Customized Service Plans:
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We suggest you the best type of Service according your business type and stage of growth with the direct service option and service level which can be selected freely.

Store Services

Plan level Register My Goods Tool tip
  • Level 1 is a free store service you can apply for a Drop-shipping service and pick up items from Relaket Celler Center.
  • Level 1 offers free 'Register My Goods' functions up to 10 times.
  • Level 2 is a paid store service that allows you to register your own items unlimitedly as well as drop shipping products.
Monthly fee
Level 1 10EA For Free
Level 2 Unlimited 50,000MYR

* Each payment method, such as mobile phone payment, simple payment, and deposit without a bank account, follows a separate fee policy.
* For more information about Online Franchise, please contact Customer Service [phone number]

Drop-shipping Service

Plan level The number of Picked-items Tool tip
  • It refers to the total number of wholesale-items in Relaket Seller Center you can save to the store
The number of collected orders Tool tip
  • This refers to the number of orders that can be collected only for Pick products.
Monthly fee
Level 1 500EA 50EA For Free
Level 2 10,000EA 500EA 30,000MYR
Level 3 Unlimited Unlimited 80,000MYR

* 드롭쉬핑 주문수집수 초과시 건당 100원씩 합산하여 매월 후불로 추가 청구 됩니다.

Integrated Market Management System Service

Plan level linked items Tool tip
  • SCM에 저장된 상품을 마켓별로 연동한 상품수를 말합니다.
    (e.g. When product A is linked to 11 STREET, Auction and Qoo10 - linked items: 3
The number of collected orders Tool tip
  • 연동한 마켓에 한해 발생한 주문 수집이 가능한 건수를 말합니다.
Setting fee Tool tip
  • It refers to the initial installation cost for opening a new service. Setting fees are offered to you at absolutely no charge to Integrated Market Management Level 3.
Monthly fee
Level 1 100EA 100EA For Free 30,000원
(한시적 For Free)
Level 2 2,000EA 2,000EA For Free 100,000MYR
Level 3 10,000EA 10,000EA For Free 200,000MYR
Level 4 20,000EA 20,000EA 500,000MYR 400,000MYR
Level 5 40,000EA 40,000EA 700,000MYR 550,000MYR
Level 6 80,000EA 80,000EA 1,000,000MYR 900,000MYR

* If the number of orders for market integration management exceeds, 20 won per case will be added to the monthly payment.

Extra service

Service Name Monthly fee
Look-book No charge for a limited time
Partner Program No charge for a limited time
Global Service No charge for a limited time
All the service start at no charge for unlimited period. You can decide after experiencing a full service.

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